The Dark Man is the Free Archery Game and best apple shooter archery game ever. Like many 3D archery games and Free shooting games, our 2D HD game of war is extremely challenging and exciting.

Play this exciting archery game now on Android, Google Play!. Use the bow and the arrows to hit the apple on your friends head in this apple shooting game. Practice your shot in your favorite shooting game of archery. You have limited arrows to shoot the apple. Each level is interesting to play with different logics involved in shooting the apple. Be a good archer, hit the right spot, don't shoot the wrong target.

Interesting levels, amazing logics to explore, more exciting and unique targets to complete will drive you crazy throughout the game play. Move to the next level by shooting the targets as it gets more and more difficult to complete the tasks in advance levels. Be careful, your buddy can get hurt with your single mistake or a miss shot.

★★★★★ the BEST and MOST POPULAR free archery apple shooter game ever


✔ Easy & user friendly controls to play.
✔ Pick up the bow & release the arrows to hit the apples
✔ Challenging levels to shoot with great animation
✔ Free app for kids and adults
✔ Compatible with all tabs and mobile devices.
✔ Limited arrows to hit the specific target, avoid hitting others. Multiple targets to play & shoot with
classic Bow and Arrows theme.
✔ The physics animation used in this game is very detailed and accurate.
✔ Interesting Game Play
Drag the bow to release arrow.
Pull arrow and release it on time for accurate shots.

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