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Final Fantasy X HD Remake for Vita and PS3? Yes, i know, it's kind of frustrating that Square Enix decided to create a remake of the Final Fantasy X instead of the FF VII or VIII but it's still a good thing for Final Fantasy fans. It is said that it is going to be an HD remake to celebrate the game's 10thyear anniversary. As of now, that's the only information i have for you guys, but i'll keep you posted as soon as the information becomes available!

For me, it's a big YES, because the story was probably the most poetic piece to have ever appeared on a vide game. For me, the game did not end well as the ending left far too much room. Enough room for a remake. I can't imagine why Edea was in the garden with the garden chief at the end. ONe more thing, the Balamb garden was so great to begin with, despite the second hand off bearing, sorceress edea, and all of the questions we have in the end have fallen completely short. For me, these are the reasons why a remake is necessary. I would like to see few changes to the junction system, by making it not punish you by lowering the stats it's junctioned to. Why, because this factor discourages gamers to use magic. I also want to see more armors and accessories that can be equipped. How about you? What do you think? Does Final Fantasy VIII deserve a remake?


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